We are active members of the key standards organizations in our industry. These affiliations enable us to contribute to the growth and advancement of the industry, and help us develop products that better meet the needs of our customers and end-users.

T1E1.4 Group: The T1E1.4 Group of Committee T1 develops and recommends standards for DSL broadband telecommunications over telephone wire lines.

IEEE: The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is a worldwide organization that promotes the engineering of electrical and information technologies and sciences.

HomePNA: The Home Phoneline Networking Association is a group of more than 150 companies working together to develop effective standards and products for home phoneline networking.

HomePlug: The HomePlug Powerline Alliance is a forum for the creation of open specifications for home power line networking.

DSL Forum: The DSL Forum is a consortium of more than 400 companies working together to promote DSL telecommunications over telephone wire lines.