How to Set Up Your Home Networking

What is Home Networking and How to Set Up It

A home network is a localized internet setup at your home that ensures connectivity across the internet device at home. These include linking your computers/laptops, smartphones, and smart devices to your router.

Setting up a network for the first time may be a tricky task. In this article, we shall guide you about setting up a home network.

Setting Up A Home Network

A home area network (HAN) is established simply by linking your wired/wireless router to your devices. Certainly, when you are to connect multiple devices to your router, you will need to set up a wireless network. Here’s how you should proceed.

  • Wireless routers usually need careful positioning to ensure better signal strength. This is particularly important while setting up a network. Choose an open area to place your routers, such as open floor space or table top.
  • After placement, turn on your router.
  • If applicable, connect your internet modem to your router. Most older modems need to connect via an Ethernet cable or a USB port to the router. Make sure that the connections aren’t loose, otherwise, you will face problems at the later stages.
  • Connect the first device to your router. Ideally, you should connect your PC or laptop to the router via a network cable. Establishing a wired connection is important at this stage to ensure the proper configuration of your router. A wireless connection may not be possible without proper configurations. After setting up the router, you may later change your connection to wireless.
  • Open the router administration console on your computer by entering the given URL that usually appears like ‘’. Login to the portal by entering the given default credentials.
  • After signing up, go to the Settings menu, and enter the details as required to set up your internet connection. Also, update the MAC address to avoid tracking by your ISP.
  • Change the SSID of your internet connection to something unique. Setup a robust password and never share it with others.
  • You can even secure your home network by installing a dedicated VPN on your router that encrypts your entire network. A quick search for VPN router Amazon will certainly help you find many good brands to install at home.
  • Log out the administration console and check if the internet is working properly by visiting a few random websites.

Your network is now ready, you can now connect all other devices wirelessly to your network.